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Dear Friends

We have been approached by a number of people regarding charter flights for Christmas 2018 and are in preliminary discussions with a European carrier on this subject.

We are looking at a flight leaving the UK on 16/17 December to arrive in St.Helena the following day then returning to the UK to allow Saints living on the island to visit families in the UK over the Christmas period. A return flight would leave the UK on 5/6 January arriving in St.Helena the following day before returning to the UK with passengers who have spent Christmas on the island. Hence approximately a three week Christmas visit in either direction. Each flight will require an intermediate refuelling stop in West Africa. We are not considering flights via Ascension Island at this stage.

The cost per person would be approximately £1500 for UK originating passengers and £1200 for St.Helena originating passengers. Children’s fares will be two-thirds of the full adult fare.

We have a two-question survey for the Saint community to fill in and register their interest in these flights.

When completing the survey please note that there is one question for a UK-St.Helena round trip, and one question for a St.Helena-UK round trip - please only answer YES to one as each one includes the return journey. In summary - if you are originating from the UK answer YES to question 1, if you are originating from St.Helena answer YES to question 2.

If there is sufficient interest we will continue our discussions, if not then we will inform the carrier that insufficient demand exists to justify the investment in putting on these specialist charter services.

With very best regards

Rich, Andy, Aiden Directors, Atlantic Star Airlines

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