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Atlantic Star unsuccessful in St.Helena Air Access Competition

On Friday 28th April St.Helena Government informed the team at Atlantic Star and Cello Aviation that they will not be invited to participate in the next phase of the Air Access tender process.

Naturally everyone within the Atlantic Star and Cello teams is extremely disappointed with this outcome, having produced an extremely comprehensive bid centred on putting in place an airline dedicated to growing with St.Helena's future travel needs and employing Saints from day one.

Atlantic Star and Cello Aviation maintain a passion for St.Helena and the Saint community and both companies will continue to work towards providing independent air travel solutions that meet the needs of Saints and the tourism market. The UK will always be the primary origin for travelers to St.Helena and Atlantic Star will focus on innovative solutions that best meet this need.

We wish the Air Access team at St.Helena Government every success in the continuing Air Access tender process and thank them for the time and consideration that they have given to our proposal.

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