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St.Helena Airport story in the press

Dear Friends, We have sent the wording below to each of the UK papers that have commented on the St.Helena Airport story and thought we should share it with you too:

We have noted with interest the comments made by the Public Accounts Committee and the challenge of identifying a sustainable and practical commercial air service to St Helena airport. Atlantic Star Airlines was set up over 10 years ago with just this objective in mind. We are both willing and able to carry out safe commercial passenger flights to St Helena, with immediate effect, even taking into account the wind shear experienced on the southerly facing runway. In fact, as recently as 22 October, our team successfully landed a jet at both ends of the runway at St Helena. We have also provided costed recommendations for immediate and longer-term solution to air access for the island to DfID and the St Helena Government. As the Public Accounts Committee and DfID have both made clear, mistakes have been made during the development of the project. However, the urgent priority now for St Helena residents and for British taxpayers, must now be to put in place the critical links between St. Helena and the wider world and we stand ready to play a role. We are engaged in healthy and constructive dialogue with DfID and intend to respond to the Request For Proposals recently issued by DfID and St.Helena Government. There is a bright future ahead for St.Helena and the airport project and Atlantic Star intend to be part of it.

Yours faithfully Captain Richard Brown, Principal, Atlantic Star Airlines

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