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Ferry flight to pass through St.Helena

St.Helena Government announced earlier today that the team at Atlantic Star have plans in the pipeline for a ferry flight to pass through St.Helena next week.

The aircraft we are using is a British built AVRO RJ100 jet aircraft. The AVRO is well suited to operations at St.Helena as it has excellent handling characteristics in turbulent conditions and is able to land on short runways thanks to a combination of 4 engines, high wing, T-tail, air-brake and carbon wheel brakes.

Our purpose in transiting via St.Helena is to assess the AVRO in real world conditions before considering next steps in solving the air access issue on St.Helena.

St.Helena Government, UK DfID, UK FCO and the US authorities on Ascension Island have all been extremely supportive of our enterprise and share our goal to deliver a safe and reliable air service that will allow St.Helena to flourish and for its tourism industry to grow.

Once details of the trip are finalised we will be in a position to share more with in addition to the already published information from St.Helena Government.

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