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St.Helena Government has announced the certification of St.Helena Airport by Air Safety Services International. This is excellent news and demonstrates what a great job the airport team has done and that the airport is ready for business.

What remains to be finalised is measures associated with managing the windshear that will affect some flights landing on Runway 20 at St.Helena. Given the prevailing wind direction and runway length this runway is most likely to be used by operators wishing to carry a commercial passenger load.

We are working with St.Helena Government and TUIfly to find a safe and stable solution that manages these issues. Part of the solution will be the gathering of more wind data at the airport site as well as putting in place sensible limitations on air operations that will guarantee passenger safety. This work is complex and we ask our customers to be patient whilst we finalise a solution to this problem. Other world airports that have significant windshear issues, such as Funchal (Madeira) and Gibraltar have developed workable protocols for maintaining safety and we have every reason to believe that St.Helena will be the same.

Our arrangements for flights in October and at Christmas remain in place and we are confident that these services will take place as planned but it would be premature to commence ticket sales until a complete solution is agreed by us, TUIfly and St.Helena Government.

Once more information is known we will of course share it with our customers via email, Facebook and on our website.

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