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Atlantic Star featured in ITV programme on St.Helena

We are excited to let you know that Atlantic Star Principal, Richard Brown, and Marketing Intern, Chloe Terry, both feature in a series of films about St.Helena that are going out on air on ITV this week at 6pm (GMT) on ITV Meridian News. Richard Jones from ITV interviewed both Richard and Chloe (and many others) at St.Helena Sports Day in Reading this summer before visiting the island in September and October. We are grateful for Richard's interest in our 2016 charter programme of flights between the UK and St.Helena and thank him for featuring us in what was a tricky edit of many hours of film down to a total of 30 minutes of "air time".

Don't worry if you are not in the Meridian news area, you can still view the programmes via the ITV website.

We have also created a page with links to each of the reports in the series. Click here to view all the links.

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