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Atlantic Star Airlines UPDATE: Having been let down by one provider we have had to go back into the

As some weeks have passed since we announced a delay to ticket sales for our 2016 charter flights between the UK and St.Helena we thought it appropriate to update you on our progress. Having been let down by one provider we have had to go back into the marketplace to find an airline with the capability and capacity to fly to St.Helena for us next year. This is no easy task.

Firstly the nature of the airport - its remoteness, runway dimensions and distance from the UK - precludes most airlines from operating as they have neither the necessary aircraft type or regulatory approval needed to fly to St.Helena. Secondly most European operators are at their busiest time of year in July and August and hence doing the necessary work to determine whether their particular aircraft is capable and available to operate to St.Helena in 2016 takes second place to running their day to day operations.

We are still some way from being in a position to make an announcement regarding a flight provider but we have identified an airline partner that has the necessary capability to fly the programme. We are slowly working towards putting a contract in place and are hopeful that we will be able to make a more detailed announcement at some stage in the coming weeks.

Thank you to the many of you who have been in touch with words of support and in some cases suggestions as to aircraft we might like to try to fly to St.Helena! We always knew that the Atlantic Star Airlines project was an ambitious one and that there would be bumps in the road along the way - support from you, our future customers, shows that we are on the right path and that there is an appetite for direct flights from the UK.

We look forward to seeing some of you at the St.Helena Association Sports Day this weekend and will be in touch again when we have more news.

Best Regards Richard, Aiden, Andy and everyone else in the Atlantic Star team.

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