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Priority Club FAQs

Why are we setting up the Atlantic Star Priority Club?

Atlantic Star, in common with any airline, is unable to sell tickets for flights to Saint Helena until the airport receives certification. We recognise that the time between likely certification and our proposed operating dates will be short, and in order to enable Saints, and their relatives in the UK, to plan their time away we want to be able afford them the security of knowing that they will be sure of a seat on the inaugural flights.


Who is eligible to join?

Membership will only be offered to people who have registered for updates on the Atlantic Star website. Our desire is to reward those loyal followers who have remained committed to our project to offer a direct link between the UK and Saint Helena, not only by being able to guarantee seats but offering a discount too.

Must I join individually or can I make a group application for me and my family or friends?​

A single application may be made for up to 9 people. You will need to give the names of each individual in the group, and only named individuals will be able to get the benefits of membership. You will not be able to change the names later, so you must be sure exactly who wishes to travel.

How much does it cost to join, and what benefits do I get from being a member?​

It costs £50 per person to join. Every member is guaranteed to be able to buy a seat on the planned first services, and will each get £100 off the price of their ticket. 


What about children and babies?

The same discount applies to children too. Children are aged between 2 and 12 years on the date of travel. Note that infants under 2 years old at the time of travel cannot be members of the Priority Club. They do not occupy a seat hence space for infants is not restricted. 


How will the joining process work?​

Everyone registered on our updates database will receive an e-mail inviting them to apply to join the Priority Club. Application is by means of a simple on-line form; successful applicants will receive an invoice for full payment of the joining fee. This fee must be paid via PayPal within 72hrs. If payment is not received within 72hrs the application to join will lapse. 


The number of members is by necessity limited to the number of tickets we can sell on the future flights, so please only apply if you fully intend to complete payment and become a member. 


Why do I only get 72hrs to make my payment?​

We recognise that the timescale is relatively short, but in the event that the Priority Club is over-subscribed, that is to say more people wish to join than we can guarantee seats on our proposed services, it is only fair that others are given a chance. Further, 72hrs is a sensible timeframe for aspiring members to reflect carefully upon their decision. 


How do I pay to join?​​

Residents of Saint Helena can join the Priority Club at Solomons Shipping and Travel Agency at the Malabar, Jamestown. For all other applications payment to join the Priority Club will need to be made using PayPal. (This method will not apply to any actual flight tickets bought in future.) Setting up a PayPal account is easy, and PayPal is a safe and secure means of payment. The person making the payment will need a credit or debit card to use PayPal. For full details and to open an account visit


Why are you insisting I use PayPal to join the Priority Club?​

The Priority Club is being managed by Atlantic Star, who do not have the facilities to process credit or debit card transactions. PayPal is the safest and most secure method to make payment. Future ticket sales will be via TravelPack Marketing and Leisure, ATOL 2866. TravelPack accept credit/debit cards and will not require payment via PayPal. 


Are there any time restrictions on members buying tickets once they become available?​

Yes. Members will be able to purchase tickets through TravelPack as soon as practicable after airport certification is announced. Atlantic Star will notify members of the date of release of tickets for sale, and members must then complete their purchases within 72hrs. If a member doesn’t buy his/her tickets within 72hrs then all benefits of Priority Club membership will be lost. In other words, we will not continue to guarantee you a seat or offer you a reduced ticket price. It is therefore important that you are absolutely sure of your travel plans before you join. 


I realise A-Star can’t sell actual tickets until Saint Helena Airport gets regulatory certification. What happens if the airport is not certified in time?​

In the unexpected event that certification is not granted in time, or if the proposed flights do not operate for any reason, every member of the Priority Club will be entitled to a full refund of their joining fee. 


If I pay my money to join but then decide I don’t wish to buy tickets will I get my money back?​

No, refunds will only be given if the flights do not operate. By joining the Priority Club you are potentially denying others of the opportunity to travel on our services, so you should be certain of your travel intentions before you join. 


There must be some small print terms and conditions?​

The full Terms and Conditions are shown below. 


Atlantic Star Priority Club Terms & Conditions


  1. The Priority Club membership fee does not constitute the purchase of a flight ticket in whole or in part; it is not a deposit on the purchase of a flight ticket; it is not a reservation on a future flight. The benefits afforded the member are limited to guaranteed availability to purchase a flight ticket in future on the flights proposed at the publicised discounted rate.

  2. As and when tickets become available to purchase, all ticketing transactions will be with TravelPack Marketing and Leisure Services Ltd, ATOL no.2866, hereafter TravelPack. TravelPack will collect and hold all revenues accrued from flight ticket sales. If tickets are purchased via an intermediary, for example Solomons Ltd of Saint Helena, the ticketing contract will nonetheless be between the purchaser and TravelPack. Atlantic Star Airlines Ltd, hereafter Atlantic Star, will not itself issue any flight tickets. Flights will be operated by TUIfly (Netherlands), hereafter TUIfly.

  3. All applications will be conducted on-line (via the internet) only. An applicant will become a member only upon notification of acceptance and receipt of full payment. All applicants who receive notification of acceptance will have 72hrs to complete payment of the joining fee using PayPal, after which time the application will be deemed null and void. If a subsequent application is made it will be added to the list according to the time of this subsequent application.

  4. Membership will be in strict chronological order of applications received. The number of memberships is by necessity limited to the number of persons each flight can carry.

  5. Membership of the Priority Club is not transferrable. Only the person or persons named in the membership will accrue any benefits from membership.

  6. Membership benefits apply equally to adults and children (aged between 2 and 12 years old at the time of travel). Infants (aged less than 2 years old at time of travel) are not eligible to join the Priority Club.

  7. The membership fee is non-refundable. No member is obliged to purchase a future flight ticket, however if a member subsequently chooses not to purchase a flight ticket then the membership fee will be forfeited.

  8. Priority Club members will be offered a discounted fare on the flights detailed only, and not on any other flights or other products sold by Atlantic Star, TravelPack, or TUIfly.

  9. Members accept that Saint Helena Airport is not yet certified and hence not open for business. Certification is expected in mid-April 2016. Only after certification is achieved will tickets be offered for sale. If certification is not achieved by 30th April 2016 Atlantic Star reserves the right to dissolve the Priority Club and give all members a full refund. No further liability will exist.

  10. Flight tickets will be released for sale as soon as practicable after Saint Helena Airport certification has been publicly announced by Saint Helena Government.  Atlantic Star will notify Priority Club members of the release of tickets for sale, and the mechanism for purchasing them through TravelPack. Members will have a period of 72hrs from notification to make their ticket purchases. If members do not purchase tickets within this time the benefits of membership will cease. There will no longer be a seat guaranteed to be available and no reduction on the published fare offered.

  11. In the event that the flights detailed do not operate, for any reason, then members will be offered a full refund of the membership fee. There will exist no obligation on the part of TravelPack, Atlantic Star or TUIfly to supply a similar product at that time or any time in future. Any and all costs incurred by the member beyond the membership fee will be borne by the member, no liability will fall upon Atlantic Star, TravelPack or TUIfly.

  12. Atlantic Star undertakes in best faith to limit the number of members to guarantee every member a seat available for future purchase. If however, for any reason, any member is subsequently denied the ability to purchase a seat the obligation of Atlantic Star extends only to a full refund of the membership fee. In the unlikely event that a decision must be taken to deny any member his/her benefit this would be applied in reverse chronological order of joining. 

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