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Booking FAQs

St Helena Airport isn't even open yet. How can I be sure that I will be able to travel on the dates I have booked, and what happens if it doesn't open by then?


Saint Helena Airport is scheduled to open towards the end of February 2016. We have every confidence that this brand new airport will be completed and be fully certified for use by the time of your flight. However, when making a booking you must consider the possibility that the airport will not in fact have opened. In this case we shall make every endeavour to re-schedule the flights. All passengers will be given the option either to travel on the new dates or to receive a full refund. Atlantic Star, Travelpack, TUI, St. Helena Government and Basil Read Construction accept no liability for any costs that you may incur if the airport does not open in time.

Below you will find a list of questions and answers regarding your booking and flights. The questions are grouped in sections and you can jump to a particular topic by clicking on one of these headings:


Saint Helena Airport

TravelPack and TUI

Where To Purchase Tickets

Choosing My Tickets

Making My Booking

Paying For Tickets

Changing My Booking

What Happens Next?

Getting Ready To Travel

At The Airport

On Board


St Helena Airport

St Helena Airport

TravelPack and TUI

TravelPack and TUI
Who am I actually buying the tickets from, and what guarantees do I have if they go out of business?


Your contract for ticket purchase is with our partner travel agency TravelPack Ltd, based in Wembley, UK. TravelPack is an established and reputable family-owned travel company that has been in business for over 25yrs. It is fully ATOL bonded, meaning that your money is protected in the event of anything going wrong with the business. For a full description of the protection provided by ATOL please visit

Who will actually be operating the flights?


Flights will be operated under a charter agreement with TUI (Netherlands). TUI is one of Europe’s largest travel firms and has an excellent history of safety, reliability and customer service.

Where To Purchase Tickets

Where To Purchase Tickets
Do I have to book online over the internet?


The quickest and most straightforward way to buy tickets is online, by following the links at You will need a credit card in your name to make an online booking. Alternatively, you can buy tickets on the ‘phone by contacting Travelpack in the UK on (PHONE NO), or in person at Travelpack's agency on Wembley High Road, or at the Solomons travel shop in Jamestown, St. Helena. Bookings made in person will incur an additional booking fee.

Choosing My Tickets

Choosing My Tickets
What is the difference between Economy and Economy plus?


For a full description of the extra benefits included in Economy Plus please see our booking page.

How much baggage am I allowed to take with me?


All tickets include an allowance of 5kgs of hand baggage which must fit in the aircraft overhead luggage bins. The amount of baggage that you may check in to the hold is specific to the ticket you purchase.

What if I decide later that I want to take more hold luggage than I paid for? Can I increase my allowance, either by changing my booking or paying extra at the airport?


You can enquire about paying a fee to upgrade your baggage allowance by telephoning Travelpack on PHONE or visiting Solomons travel office in Jamestown. We cannot guarantee that extra baggage allowance will be available to purchase. If the baggage you bring to the airport is heavier than you are entitled to it will most likely be refused and will have to be left behind. Therefore you are advised to think very carefully about your baggage requirements before you make your booking.

Most airlines offer 23kg as a standard hold baggage allowance. Why is it less with Atlantic Star?


We recognise that many passengers do not use their full allowance, and want to make available a cheaper fare for those wishing to travel light.

Can I reserve my actual seats now to be sure I will be sitting with my family/friends?


Seats will be allocated at check in only. Every effort will be made to seat all the people on a single booking close together, however this is never guaranteed. The earlier that you check in at the airport, the greater the choice of seating that will be available.

When choosing my flights, I have the option of higher prices that allow me to bring more baggage with me. Someone in my group wants a different baggage allowance from everyone else, how do I book this?


If you select each traveller one by one on the booking Homepage, you will be able to select the desired baggage allowance for each passenger and add them to your basket individually. For example, if you want 23kg of hold baggage but your wife only needs 15kg, on the Homepage select Adults 1, submit, add the 23kg fare to your basket. Then return to the Homepage using the ‘home’ symbol in the top right corner, and again select 1 Adult, submit. This time add the 15kg fare to your basket.

I don’t get a fare option for a child with more than 15kgs of hold luggage, why not?


Children can only bring a maximum of 15kgs.

My family wants to travel in the Economy Plus cabin, but there are no child fares, is this right?


There are no child discounts available in the Economy Plus cabin. Children will be charged the full Economy Plus fare.

My son/daughter is 11 now but turns 12 before departure. What fare will he/she pay?


The applicable fare is according to her age on the exact date of departure of the first flight. 

My son/daughter is 11 now but has his/her 12th birthday during our trip. What fare will he/she pay?


As your son/daughter turns 12 in between flights then we will treat them as a child for the duration of their trip.

My son/daughter is 2yrs old now so he can travel on an infant fare. However his/her 3rd birthday is during our trip. How do I make this booking?


As your son/daughter will transition from infant to child during your trip they will need a child ticket for the return journey. You will need to call Travelpack on 0208 585 4080 or visit Solomons travel shop in Jamestown to complete this booking. It cannot be made online.

I want to spend less or longer than two weeks away from home. Can I buy just a single fare and make my own way back when it suits me?


We are only selling return fares at this time. Single fares are not yet available.

Making My Booking

Making My Booking
I can’t seem to get my booking right, can someone help me?


If you need help with your booking then you can always phone Travelpack in the UK Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm on 0208 585 4248 or visit Solomons travel shop in Jamestown, St, Helena. 

Paying For Tickets

Paying For Tickets
I don't have a credit card, can I pay by cheque or cash?


Bookings made in person at Travelpack's agency in Wembley or at Solomons in Jamestown can be paid for by cheque or in cash. Telephone bookings must be paid for by credit card. There will be an additional fee for all bookings made in person at Travelpack or Solomons.

I don't have a credit card, but someone in my family does. Can I use their card to make my booking?


The credit card must be in the name of the person making the booking.

Can I make a reservation now and pay nearer the time of departure?


You must pay in full at the time of booking.

How long do I get to make an online booking?


The booking process will allow you around 20 mins of inactivity before it cancels the booking. It is therefore important that you have all the necessary details to hand, such as passport numbers and dates of birth of all passengers, as well as your credit card, before you start the process.

What Happens Next

What Happens Next
Once I’ve completed my booking what happens next?


When the online booking process is complete you will be given a booking reference number. You will also get an e-mail confirmation of your booking.

When will my tickets arrive?


All tickets will be issued as electronic tickets. This means you will be sent a document via e-mail containing the full itinerary for your trip and your ticket number. You should keep these details safe as you will need them when you check in for your flight. You will not receive a paper ticket.

e-tickets will be sent out at least 30 days prior to departure.

Changing My Booking

Changing My Booking
What if I change my mind and need to cancel my booking?


Tickets are sold on a non-refundable basis. That means that you cannot get your money back if you change your plans. For that reason it is recommended that all passengers take out travel insurance that includes itinerary changes. Travelpack can help you with this.

Getting Ready To Travel

Getting Ready To Travel
What visas do I need?


The visa requirements to visit St Helena, or the UK from St Helena, depend on your nationality. Holders of passports issued in the UK or St. Helena, or other EU states do not need a visa. Other nationalities should check if a visa is required with their Embassy or at (LINK

What can or can't I pack in my hold baggage?


For a full list of restricted items please refer to this page of the Thomson website

What can or can't I take on board in my hand luggage?


A full list of restrictions on hand luggage can be found here.

At the Airport

At The Airport
How long will it take to check in and get through the airport to board the aeroplane?


Passengers should arrive at the departure airport at least 2hrs before their departure time to ensure all necessary procedures can be completed in good time. 

If my journey to the airport is delayed, will you wait for me?


It is the responsibility of every traveller to arrive in good time, late arriving passengers will not be able to travel. 

If I miss my flight will I get my money back?


Refunds will not be given for no-shows.

On Board

On Board

What can I expect to get in the way of meals and drinks on board?


A full description of the onboard product is available at LINK TO PAGE? You will receive a meal suited to the time of day, and free soft or alcoholic drinks throughout the flight.

What entertainment is provided?


In Flight Entertainment includes films and popular TV shows. Headsets will be provided, or you can use your own.

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