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Our Story

The team at Atlantic Star Airlines has been actively involved in the proposal to bring flights to St. Helena since 2005. During this time there have been numerous changes, both in the anticipated airport completion date and as the needs and expectations of Saints have evolved.
Throughout we have put the aspirations of the Saint community at the heart of our planning, and maintain our commitment to supporting and promoting St. Helena. Wherever feasible we shall contract with island businesses and prioritise employment of Saints both on and off the island.
Our personnel include experienced airline managers, current airline pilots, regulatory experts, marketing professionals and accountants. This breadth of technical expertise and business acumen, honed over the many years we have been examining the particular challenges and complexities of flying to St. Helena, makes Atlantic Star the perfect airline to link St. Helena to the outside world.

Air Access Project

St. Helena is often described as one of the most remote islands on earth. Undoubtedly resident Saints form one of the most isolated communities anywhere, not solely by reason of their geographical location, but by the limited and infrequent access afforded by the RMS St Helena.​
All this is could change, as the first airport in the island’s history opened in May 2016. However, it was quickly recognised that aircraft landing at the airport would be exposed to unpredictable windshear, and scheduled services have as a consequence since been put on hold until this phenomenon and its local causes are better understood.

When regular flights do commence, St. Helena Airport will allow Saints at last to reconnect easily and affordably with their relatives around the world, and bring fresh economic impetus to the island economy through tourism.
Atlantic Star Airlines is excited to play its part in this dramatic change in the island’s connectivity, and wholeheartedly wishes to be part of St. Helena’s future evolution and prosperity.​

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